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I’m Bonnie Sweebe, editor of High Five! a dog blog, the owner of two fabulous golden retrievers and a puppy raiser for Canine Companions for Independence.  Skye, our energetic pup, is the inspiration for WelcomePup.com which I’ll talk about later.  Skye is very loving and social and oversees all things fun!  Her sister, Sydney, two years older and pretty as can be, keeps the younger pup in line.  Melba II is a golden retriever lab cross puppy. I am raising her to be a service dog for children, adults and veterans with physical disabilities other than blindness. Melba is amazing!

A dog’s enthusiasm for life is contagious. They greet you each day as if it were their first. They enjoy the moment and they remind adult humans how important it is to play.

I love dogs–which led to my next venture…dog toys!


I am also the owner of WelcomePup.com, a dog toy gift delivery company.  At WelcomePup.com, we celebrate the fact that every dog is a welcomed family member.  What better way to do that than with toys!

Dogs need toys.  They release frustration and are a source of playful joy.  Like a child, dogs love to play.  And apart from a romp with their owners, toys are the next best thing!  Toy rotation on a regular basis can keep a dog stimulated and happy.

We know how much you love your dog.  We also know that your time is precious.  So when it’s time to replace or add to those toys, or when a thoughtful dog gift is in order, no need to trudge through a big box store or stand in long lines at the post office.  WelcomePup.com delivers charming paw print gable boxes of custom selected dog toys and products from top manufacturers sure to please that beloved furry family member.

Our goal is to change the way people buy dog toys.  Not all dog toys suit all dogs.  That’s why we offer selections targeted to match your dog’s lifestyle or playstyle.  Whether you have a cuddle puppy, a teething puppy, an aggressive chewer or a future obedience champion, there’s a WelcomePup.com gift box made just for you. And check out our beautiful eco-friendly dog gift items.

The boxes are dressed with a matching bow and custom gift tag.  Charming. Perfect for puppy shower gifts, dog birthday gifts, get well gifts for a spay/neuter or other operation and much more.  And for the creative dog customer, we offer Create Your Own Package, a unique way to truly customize your gift.

Great appreciation gifts for pet professionals.  Customer appreciation gifts as well.  Stop by WelcomePup.com and enjoy our selections.