Canine Christmas

Our golden retriever, Sydney, gets very excited about Christmas. wishes you a very Merry Christmas and hopes Santa Paws is very good to you. Should you need any last minute gift ideas for your pup, visit

What to Get a Dog for Christmas

What to get the dog for Christmas? Here are a few ideas from our golden retriever, Sydney, pretending to snooze with visions of dog toys dancing in her head. Sydney, Get Up!

what to get a dog for Christmas

Mom’s right. I was faking it. What dog toys would I like? Oh boy, oh boy!

Retrievers are soft mouthed dogs, but we love to chew toys. Okay, we love to destroy toys. If you’re like me, you may want to choose the following:


Two great toys from Kyjen are Plush Puppy Tuff Ones Christmas Tree and Candy Cane with a squeaker and a rattle. The seams are double stitched with nylon and the fabric is as tough as plush dog toy fabric can get. Available to send to a dog you love, get the Tuff Pup Holiday Gift Box and all the toys you’ll see below at

For those pups who enjoy ice cubes and snow, there’s the Holiday Chill Gift Box, a combination of Kyjen’s Plush Puppy Tuff Ones Penguin and Planet Dog’s uber-tough Snowball.

Review: Remarkabowl Sports Themed Dog Bowls

It’s product review time and I have a great gift idea for sports lovers that share their couch or “Bark”alounger with their beloved furry friend. In exchange for an honest review of their product, my friends over at Remarkabowl sent me a few of their brand new bowls made just for pets. Skye and Sydney checked them out.

Remarkabowl pet food bowl

There they are, ready for the big game and eyeing up the Remarkabowls. They know the bowls are empty, but they can’t take their eyes off how realistic they look. Remarkabowls are the first pet bowls that are textured to feel like a real sports ball.

Remarkabowl pet food bowl

Made of 100% polypropylene and 100% BPA free (that’s a good thing!), these bowls are for food or water and meet all ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and FDA (U.S. Food & Drug Administration) safety standards. They are also taste and odor free. That’s important because when the girls eat, they want to smell their dog food. The bowls are dishwasher safe and tough enough for indoor or outdoor use.

Product Review: Custom Leather Dog Collars & More

I was contacted by who offered me their product in exchange for an honest review of their custom leather permanent laser engraved dog collar. Excellent. My creative juices flowed all over my laptop!

They directed me to their site to begin my custom production and I’ve got to tell you, it was fun! Here’s the final product. Now I’ll cover the design process in more detail. leather dog collars

I decided to design a collar for the top dog at, Skye! She likes a three-quarter inch collar and her favorite color is red. They had both. Fantastic!

The sizing is as follows:

  • Small: 1/2 inch leather collar fitting a 8-14 inch neck.
  • Medium: 3/4 inch leather collar fitting a 13-20 inch neck.
  • Large: 1 inch leather collar fitting an 18-23 inch neck.
  • Extra Large: 1 1/2 inch leather collar fitting a 22-27 inch neck.

Next you select your leather color: vintage white, red or tan.

Now on to the engraving.

The collars use permanent laser engraving. There are 5 design choices available:

Book Review: Ask Anna by Dean Koontz and his dog Anna

Hi! Skye from here with my friend Kimber, a Canine Companions for Independence® service puppy hopeful, reviewing our latest good read:Ask Anna by Dean Koontz

When Kimber suggested this book, it didn’t surprise me. After all, Dean Koontz (storyteller extraordinaire and bestselling author) and his dog Anna (a Canine Companions for Independence® release dog) wrote it–so it had to be good!

In the book Ask Anna – Advice for the Furry and Forlorn, Dean’s dog, Anna, is a wise canine advice-columnist. She is also a beautiful golden retriever. Dogs from around the nation write to Anna about their problems and ask her for advice. Some questions are very serious…like “Dear Anna, Lately I have been depressed.”

Ask Anna by Dean Koontz

Other questions are funny, like “Dear Anna, When I turn my ears just so, I can see the future.” One dog REALLY liked Anna, if you know what I mean. She really put him in his place in a sweet yet clever way. We snorted at that one.
(more…) Reviews Boing Dog Toy

Every so often you come across a dog toy company that really seems to understand dog toy fun. To me, that company is Zigoo and their latest fantastic dog toy is called Boing!

dog toy

For those of you not familiar with Zigoo, they are the company that made the ingenious Crinkit, the interactive dog toy that houses an empty water bottle in its tube shaped sleeve.

Crinkit dog toy

They have just come out with another winning interactive toy aptly named Boing! What is a Boing? Boing is a spring coil dog toy that you can throw, stretch and tug. The toy can be played with alone or with another human or dog. It is highly durable, buoyant and easy to recycle. Easy to rinse clean, too!

I was given a Boing to test on my two golden retrievers and I think the toy speaks for itself. Just watch!

My dogs love to play tug with the Boing. They also love possessing the Boing, holding the Boing in their mouths and using one paw to secure the Boing while they pull the coil with their mouth. Great fun!

Christmas Dog Gifts

Christmas dog gifts

Christmas is right around the corner, so here are some holiday gift ideas to send to a dog you love. All these and more available at


Holiday dog toys

Was your dog naughty or nice? Planet Dog’s 3″ lump of coal and Special Edition 9″ white plush Snow Buddy in a holiday gift box with holiday bow and matching gift card – $22

holiday dog toys

Hugglehounds Large Frosty Snowman (14″ long and 7.5″ wide) sits in a 32 oz. stainless steel red dog bowl wrapped in holiday cellophane and tied with holiday bow and matching gift card – $28


holiday dog toys

Frosty Dog Toy Gift Basket includes a small Hugglehounds Frosty Snowman (9″ long and 4.25″ wide), small red and black paw print blanket for wiping ice balls off of paws, and a 10″ Kyjen Tuff Candy Cane with squeaker all in a 32 oz. stainless steel red dog bowl and wrapped in holiday cellophane, tied with holiday bow and matching gift card – $35


Dog Eats Toys

Dog Eats Toys – Does This Sound Familiar?

“My dog eats toys. It makes me so mad. They have the cutest dog toys out there, but every time I buy my dog a toy, it pulls out the stuffing to kill the squeaker. Why do they even put squeakers in dog toys? It only tempts dogs to rip the toy open! The toy is destroyed in 10 minutes. My dog eats the polyfill and that’s not good and if it swallows a squeaker, I don’t know what I’m going to do. So I’m not buying any more dog toys. For me, dog toys are a total waste of money.”

I totally disagree. Dogs need toys to relieve frustration and to play. Frustrated dogs can become destructive dogs and can chew woodwork, eat carpet and pull stuffing out of couch cushions. Yikes!


Before that happens, buy the right toys for your dog. The cute plush toys that are perfect for a laid back dog are not perfect for a dog that is rough on their toys. Soft mouthed breeds like retrievers are notoriously hard on their toys, but the size of a dog does not matter. Small dogs can be dog toy destroyers, too.