Spin-a-Bone Dog Toy Product Review


Bullibone contacted me asking if I’d try out their new product, Spin-a-Bone. This toy is a winner and my dogs loved it!

What is a Spin-a-Bone? It’s an American made, bacon flavored super tough nylon interactive dog chew that spins like a top. A take-off on the fidget spinners the kids are crazy about, Spin-a-Bone is not only a great chew, but is fun to play with. Just ask my five dogs!

All my dogs obviously took to this toy. Each grabbed an end, or tried, and formed a canine sprocket. Bullibone has a winner with Spin-a-Bone. I wish I had four more! Each dog needs their own Spin-a-Bone! Happy dogs rock! Thanks Bullibone for allowing me to try your product in exchange for an honest review of Spin-a-Bone.

Boz dog ball review by WelcomePup.com

I just received a case of new West Paw Design Zogoflex Air dog toys. Today, I’m reviewing the Boz dog ball, a textured squishy dog ball for obsessive fetchers.

It looks like a brain.
Sydney with 4 inch BozIt’s made from Zogoflex Air material that is soft on a dog’s mouth.
Kimber and 4 inch BozFeatures include:

  • More durable than a tennis ball
  • Floats
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Non-toxic and recyclable
  • High bounce
  • Easy to grab
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Boz pair for blog
The Boz comes in two sizes, 2.5″ and 4″. I currently carry the Currant and Peacock colors. Available individually at WelcomePup.com and also as part of the Fetching Pup Dog Gift Box that includes a 2.5″ Boz and the new Dash flying disc, made from the same Zogoflex Air material but with a funky new shape and look.
I have three pet retrievers and am VERY particular about the toys they play with. They destroy or ingest plush toys and some solid ones. West Paw Zogoflex toys are THE ONLY TOYS I’D RECOMMEND FOR TOUGH CHEWERS. Trust me–I’ve paid the medical bills for the intestinal surgery when one of my pups ate a rope toy. Don’t buy rope toys–ever!

DIY Spill Proof Dog Water Bowl

If you have dogs that like to spill their water bowl, then this easy DIY project is for you!

All you need is a round plastic garden hose container that you can find at a home improvement store that has an opening 14 inches or 14 1/2 inches in diameter.
Go to your local Tractor Supply Store (or other feed store) and look for the 10 quart extra large 14 1/2 inches in diameter stainless steel bowl with rim. Better yet, look for them both at the home improvement or feed store so you can make sure the bowl fits.
Shop around. Make sure whatever size hose container you select will fit the size stainless steel bowl you select.
The hose container has a hole on the bottom, so the water will drain if you spill the bowl while lifting it out to refresh it. My three retrievers love this bowl!
They cannot spill it. Add ice cubes for great summertime fun!

CarPET Pet Hair Remover – Say Goodbye to Horse, Cat and Dog Hair!

By Bonnie Sweebe

Our family has three retrievers and a horse. Our family has a lot of pet hair. That’s why I was so excited to try the CarPET Pet Hair Remover. This tool really works!

Available at www.WelcomePup.com

Sticky rollers are great to sweep across your clothing when you’re running out the door. But for the big jobs, you need the CarPET. Seriously…you know how many sticky sheets it would take you to clean the upholstery on your furniture? Or your carpet? Or your car where the dog likes to sit? With CarPET, you just rinse it and use it again and again. I used it on my bedroom carpet and was embarrassed by the results.

Available at www.WelcomePup.com

You know what a pain it is to haul out the vacuum to clean the carpeted staircase? And the vacuum head doesn’t get in the crevices that well. Instead, I grabbed the CarPET and it’s fantastic. It gathered wads of dog hair into nice little piles that I could easily pick up and throw away. It’s great for the car, too, especially on the seat where the dog sits. It works terrific on upholstered furniture, too, because the short rubber nubs don’t harm the fabric.


Canine Total Hip Replacement

By Bonnie Sweebe

“All I Want for Christmas is a New Left Hip”…Kimber

No one raising a puppy or an adult dog wants to hear the words “hip dysplasia” let alone “severe bi-lateral hip dysplasia” coming out of the mouth of a veterinarian. However, when you’re raising a puppy to be a future service dog, those words also mean an immediate release from the program and the stark realization that the bundle of joy with the wagging tail that you’d hoped would aid the disabled, might soon experience pain and immobility herself unless a medical plan is put into place.
Meet-KimberMeet Kimber, a golden retreiver-Labrador cross who at the time of the surgery was thirteen months old. This is Kimber’s journey from start to finish written in an effort to bring hope and calm the fears of those who might also receive the dreadful diagnosis. (Note that not all dogs with hip dysplasia need surgery. There is a range of hip dysplasia from mild to severe and some dogs live their entire lives mobile and relatively pain free. That would not be the case for Kimber.)

Canine Christmas

Our golden retriever, Sydney, gets very excited about Christmas.

WelcomePup.com wishes you a very Merry Christmas and hopes Santa Paws is very good to you. Should you need any last minute gift ideas for your pup, visit WelcomePup.com

Memorial Day: Service Dog Changes Wounded Veteran’s Life

I’m a proud puppy raiser, supporter and fundraiser for Canine Companions for Independence┬«. As Memorial Day approaches and we honor the men and women who have sacrificed their lives for us, it warms my heart to hear stories of surviving veterans and the help they are receiving from Canine Companions, service dogs given to qualifying veterans free of charge. One such recipient, U.S. Army Capt. James Van Thach, was featured this morning on the Today Show. His service dog, Liz, has returned his independence and changed the wounded veteran’s life. What a team. What an honor.


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