Hot Trend: Send a Dog Gift!

What are we doing?  We are sending a gift to a new puppy or adult dog that wags a tail and warms a dog owner’s heart! Why do we do it? We do it because Americans love dogs!

With more than 77.5 million dogs in U.S. households, everyone knows someone who owns a dog. Why are dogs so popular? They illustrate perfect friendship.

Dogs are loyal companions, offering unconditional love. They create enjoyment and give us a sense of purpose. They are silent counselors, patient and willing to listen. Dogs are genuine and not judgmental. Dogs are not catty (no pun intended). They do not pretend to listen all the while examining your face for flaws and your body for extra poundage. Dogs play games, but not that way.

So when birthdays and special occasions come around, we refuse to forget our bffs (beloved furry friends). We celebrate special friendships canine style. We give a dog a gift.

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Who buys gifts for dogs? Most dog owners do, and the occasions get more creative by the year.

Puppy showers
Dog adoption celebrations
Dog birthdays
Get well occasions (spay, neuter, operation)
Back to obedience school
Vacations and spa days
Just Because days

We buy for our dogs and our grand-dogs; for neighbors with new pups or those with sick pups. We send dog gifts to out-of-town friends and relatives. We give a dog a gift because it is fun! We give a dog a gift because in its uniqueness it brings unforgettable joy to both owner and pup. We give a dog a gift in celebration of perfect friendship. And that is something to woof about!

Wag a Tail and Warm a Heart!