Letter to the Editor:

LeBron’s Decision: A Canine Lesson on Unconditional Love:

Cleveland basketball fans loved LeBron James. They idolized him, supported him and did everything they could to keep him here in our wonderful city. (Shucks, I even wore his jersey!)

But from a dog’s perspective, Number 23’s decision to take his talents to South Beach and Cleveland’s over the top reaction has proven to me that humans need a lesson in unconditional love — canine style.

Dog are pros at unconditional love. Sure we screw up. We chew shoes, tear up your lawn and conveniently choose to ignore commands. But humans screw up, too. Just visit a local shelter. There’s a story in every cage. Life happens. It’s what we do with it that makes all the difference.

Our secret? Unconditional love.

Dogs love when we’re loved, unloved or ignored. Dogs live in the moment, expecting nothing in return. When life happens, dogs enjoy it or get over it in a flash. Why? Because life doesn’t owe a dog anything. Dogs really get that.

So my advice? If you really loved LeBron James, chew a rawhide, give it a break and try again to enjoy his talents in a new team jersey. Otherwise, just chew the rawhide and get on with your life. A juicier bone may be right around the corner!

From a golden retriever who is glad that this fiasco is finally over. Maybe now I’ll get more exercise.