Littermates Reunited: A Very Golden Moment

What do you get when you put a large litter of one-year-old golden retrievers near a wading pool? Wet! Last weekend, a litter of eleven golden retrievers (a majority of which attended) returned to their birthplace for a littermate reunion/picnic/pool party.

This was the first littermate reunion/picnic/pool party that I had ever attended, so I didn’t know what to expect. I bathed and brushed my golden, packed her blanket and a chew toy and off we went. The drive was close to an hour. Excitement was in the air coupled with wonder. Would the goldens remember each other? Would they look alike? Would they get along or would they pick on each other?
Watch the video below and you decide!

Heartfelt thanks to:
All the littermate parents for the fabulous food
Kate and Meg for the agility demonstration
The groomer who gave us grooming tips and the littermates pawdicures

And to Pat and Cheri Goggin of BitterSweet Golden Retrievers for opening their home to us, for all the littermate gifts, food, hospitality and constant support they’ve given us since the day we came to view the litter until now. We know that we can count on their support in the years to come as we strive to raise our beautiful, healthy and happy golden retrievers. Pat and Cheri love what they do and it shows!

You can find BitterSweet Golden Retrievers online at