Puppy Love

Puppy Love

By: Bonnie Sweebe

Who can resist the wet nose and the velvet pads of a new puppy?  Not me.  Not ever!  There’s nothing like the warmth of a puppy’s breath against your cheek or the smooth feel of a puppy’s round belly.  Ahh, heaven…

Until reality splashes you smack in the foot as you step in a puddle of puppy pee.  Then grabbing the tinkler you head outside–puppy refusing to finish its business, preferring instead to nip at the tendon that runs up the back of your ankle.  Having just emptied its tank, you’re convinced that now is the perfect time to put furry child to bed.

No sooner do you rest your head on the pillow before the whining begins, progressing to a moaning howl before a full-blown bark.  “Shh!  The neighbors!”

You stumble out of bed, slide into your slippers, hit your little toe on the bed post before scooping up pup and heading out into the cold brisk night that is way too eager to remind you that your robe is still in the bedroom. “Oh well, we’ll only be out here for a minute.”

But a minute turns into fifteen and as the wind blows up your jammies making you look like a grounded blimp from the Thanksgiving Day parade, you head back towards the house to return pup to bed.

And you try to do the same…this time wrapping your pillow tightly around your ears as you wait for the crying to stop, totally convinced that if you don’t get to sleep soon death awaits you.

Yet in the morning, instead of examining the dark circles under your eyes or making extra strong coffee, you rush to the crate to release the yawning pup, a bundle of soft fur with warm puppy whispers caressing your cheek.  The cycle begins once more.

Ahh…such is puppy love!
Bonnie Sweebe is a dog lover, dog owner, dog advocate, and rescue and service dog volunteer. She is also the owner of WelcomePup.com, an online dog gift delivery company.