Ridiculous Dog Names

Ridiculous and Unusual Dog Names


It is so tempting to name your dog something–unusual. Perhaps the dog’s appearance or behavior is somewhat unusual. Or you are in a somewhat unusual mood or phase in your life, like I was when I named these dogs:

Dancing poodle


basset hound

I must have been into detectives. (And unusual flooring selections.) Whatever…

Before you do what I did, imagine yourself calling the name out loud and giving commands like this:

“Spy. Here!”


“S-T-R-E-T-C-H! Come!”

I see you shaking your head.

So take my advice. Think it through. You’ll gain friends and influence people. Okay, maybe not. But you won’t feel so dumb.

Time for true confessions. Have you ever named your dog something you now regret? What was the most ridiculous dog name you gave your furry friend? Look forward to the comments below!

Bonnie Sweebe is a dog lover, dog owner, dog advocate, and rescue and service dog volunteer. She is also the owner of WelcomePup.com, an online dog gift delivery company.