Survey: Buying Dog Gifts Online

You Have Spoken!

As of this date, survey responses show:
1) that people buy gifts for their dog (100%)
2) that they buy their dog a birthday gift only if they remember (75%)
3) that they would buy dog gifts online (100%); and
4) that the most important consideration when buying online is value (100%)

Do you agree? Please take our survey. We are interested in hearing how you shop for your dog! Leave comments. Tell us what you want and why. listens!

Do you purchase gifts for your dog?

Do you celebrate your dog’s birthday?

Have you ever purchased dog toys online?

Would you consider purchasing a dog gift box online?

4 thoughts on “Survey: Buying Dog Gifts Online

  1. I am between dogs but am a dog aunt so I satisfy my dog cravings by buying toys and treats for them. I order most everything I get them through online retailers.

  2. That’s fabulous! What I think is great about buying online is that even though you pay a slight shipping fee, the convenience is so worth it–especially when gifting. And in most instances, you don’t absorb sales tax and the physical retailer’s overhead. It just makes sense to me!

    Thanks for taking the time to comment. Please browse the blog and leave comments. You can suggest future topics as well. I’ll do my best to get an article of value to you that addresses the issue. And don’t forget to peek your head in our online store :-)

  3. Love shopping online and buying things for Fido in my life. Your site is awesome, and I’d definitely recommend your products to all our fur-ends!

  4. High Five! to Carol! Thanks so much. is very grateful and wants to spread the love from one dog to the next! Shouldn’t every pup be a WelcomePup? We think so!

    Dogs are important family members, but also a social link. Dog folks attract dog folks. It’s just that simple. And to celebrate that, is promoting what I refer to as a “Fido to Fido fox box”. Have you spotted that special dog loving someone walking Fido in the neighborhood? Too shy to say hello? Have Fido do it! Send a gift box of fun from Fido to his/her dog and wait for the phone or the doorbell to ring. How sweet!

    And how about that obnoxious neighborhood dog who barks and escapes and gives you a migraine? This summer, you can sit on your deck in peace…send an anonymous poke, a Training Pup gift box from We keep the sender’s name a secret. What a wonderful way to promote a positive change in a dog. It’s a win win! What could you do with a gift box of dog fun?

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