Spin-a-Bone Dog Toy Product Review


Bullibone contacted me asking if I’d try out their new product, Spin-a-Bone. This toy is a winner and my dogs loved it!

What is a Spin-a-Bone? It’s an American made, bacon flavored super tough nylon interactive dog chew that spins like a top. A take-off on the fidget spinners the kids are crazy about, Spin-a-Bone is not only a great chew, but is fun to play with. Just ask my five dogs!

All my dogs obviously took to this toy. Each grabbed an end, or tried, and formed a canine sprocket. Bullibone has a winner with Spin-a-Bone. I wish I had four more! Each dog needs their own Spin-a-Bone! Happy dogs rock! Thanks Bullibone for allowing me to try your product in exchange for an honest review of Spin-a-Bone.

Crinkit Dog Toy Product Review by WelcomePup.com

Crinkit Dog Toy

WelcomePup.com reviews the Crinkit                               

I LOVE dog toys!  So when I discovered this new one, I had to check it out.  

It is called the Crinkit by Zigoo of West Harrison, Indiana.  It is a 9 1/2 inch long tube made of Zigflex, a theroplastic elastomer material of the highest properties.  It is made in the USA, is FDA approved and contains no BPAs or Phthylates.  It is a durable, floatable and fun toy.  The toy is recyclable and easy to rinse clean.  The toy comes in pink, aqua and green.  But what is it?

WelcomePup.com reviews the Crinkit

It is a water bottle or treat toy.  Take a 16 oz. securely capped empty water bottle (not included) and put it all the way into the Crinkit and you’ve got yourself a great dog toy.  I got mine half way in and it got stuck. In case that happens, the directions tell you to take a small amount of dish soap and run it around the bottle. Voila!  It went in.  It is lightweight and fun.  My dogs loved it.  I highly recommend the Crinkit.  It is available at WelcomePup.com now. To purchase yours, CLICK HERE!  Enjoy Sydney and Skye in the video!