Barkitecture Austin 2016 – Awesome Designer Doghouses

For the past twelve years, Austin area architects, interior designers, and builders have joined forces to design innovative doghouses to be displayed and auctioned at Barkitecture Austin. The proceeds of the auction benefit the non-profit dog adoption group, Austin Pets Alive. A great idea for all major cities across the nation. Which doghouse reflects your dog’s taste?

Horsing Around, the dog product and gift store, proudly announces its latest business venture:!


WelcomeHorse is the bravest horse in the world. His mission is to de-spook horses all around the globe by delivering hoof printed gift boxes of carrots dropped by teams of floating plastic deer wearing blue garbage bags traveling overhead through barns by way of helium inflated mylar balloons. Results may vary.


Father’s Day Video


Dog and puppy

Okay all you dads out there. June is your month and to celebrate, here’s a dog video that will warm your heart. Here’s a daddy Bernese Mountain Dog and his best friend, his son.

Happy Father’s Day from!

Special thanks to snidley8-YouTube for originally posting this video!

Dog Training: A Pet With a Purpose

Dog Training: Make Your Dog a Pet with a Purpose

Incorporating Dog Commands into Everyday Life

Big dogs or small dogs, all dogs need training.  But what exactly do you expect your dog to do?  What role does the dog have in your family life?  What is your envisioned goal?

Dog Training Tips

I have two golden retrievers.  I am also a service dog puppy raiser.  When I began training my pet golden retrievers, I trained with the mindset of advancing through the classes until the dogs became Canine Good Citizens.  They did. 

The certificates are figuratively on the wall.  The tags are on their collars.

dog training

But one cold snowy morning, my prey-driven golden retriever escaped through an open garage door and ran across the street.  Her goal was geese.  She did not listen to the come command.  She did not listen to the drop command.  I had to physically retrieve my retriever from a water retention basin in nothing more than jeans and a shirt.


Dog Afraid of Smoke

Dog Afraid of Smoke

Don’t Let a Dirty Oven Spoil Your Dog’s Holiday!

By: Bonnie Sweebe

Stress clings to the holidays like dog hair on a black coat. Mine began last week when I fired up the oven for some Christmas baking.

Has this ever happened to you?  You preheat the oven to start your holiday cooking.  The oven beeps.  You open the door, forgetting about the last food spillover, and smoke rolls out. 

You run to open a window, but you’re too late. The smoke alarm goes off sending the dog into a panic. You turn off the oven, open a window, grab a dish towels to fan the blasted siren while the dog freaks out.

Your furry friend runs into the bathroom and hides behind the toilet. Finding no relief, it pants and darts back and forth and heads for the closed basement door. Bam! Whining, it runs to the laundry room, scratching to escape through the back door, petrified of the smoke that is prohibiting fresh air from passing through the dog’s narrow airways and entering into its tiny lungs. Everyone is shouting orders.  Holiday stress is here—even for your dog.