Holiday Gifts for Dogs

Here comes the holidays! What will you get your dog for Christmas?

dog Christmas gift sends dog gifts to a dog you love anywhere in the United States via USPS. On your mark, get set, shop! Woof!


Frosty Dog Toy Gift Box- Hugglehounds Small Frosty Snowman with Squeakers, 32 oz. Stainless Steel Red Dog Bowl and Plush Puppies Tuff Ones Candy Cane with Squeakers.


Dachsund with Santa Hat Bungee Dog Toy

christmas dog toy

Naughty or Nice? Planet Dog’s Lump of Coal and Snowman with Squeakers


Planet Dog Snowball and Plush Puppies Tuff Ones Plush Penguin with Squeaker


Plush Puppies Tuff Ones Christmas Tree and Candy Cane with Squeakers


Can be purchased individually


Can be purchased individually


Can be purchased individually

small frosty

HuggleHounds Snowmen Come in Large and Small


32 oz. red stainless steel dog bowl


What to Get a Dog for Christmas

What to get the dog for Christmas? Here are a few ideas from our golden retriever, Sydney, pretending to snooze with visions of dog toys dancing in her head. Sydney, Get Up!

what to get a dog for Christmas

Mom’s right. I was faking it. What dog toys would I like? Oh boy, oh boy!

Retrievers are soft mouthed dogs, but we love to chew toys. Okay, we love to destroy toys. If you’re like me, you may want to choose the following:


Two great toys from Kyjen are Plush Puppy Tuff Ones Christmas Tree and Candy Cane with a squeaker and a rattle. The seams are double stitched with nylon and the fabric is as tough as plush dog toy fabric can get. Available to send to a dog you love, get the Tuff Pup Holiday Gift Box and all the toys you’ll see below at

For those pups who enjoy ice cubes and snow, there’s the Holiday Chill Gift Box, a combination of Kyjen’s Plush Puppy Tuff Ones Penguin and Planet Dog’s uber-tough Snowball.

Christmas Dog Gifts

Christmas dog gifts

Christmas is right around the corner, so here are some holiday gift ideas to send to a dog you love. All these and more available at


Holiday dog toys

Was your dog naughty or nice? Planet Dog’s 3″ lump of coal and Special Edition 9″ white plush Snow Buddy in a holiday gift box with holiday bow and matching gift card – $22

holiday dog toys

Hugglehounds Large Frosty Snowman (14″ long and 7.5″ wide) sits in a 32 oz. stainless steel red dog bowl wrapped in holiday cellophane and tied with holiday bow and matching gift card – $28


holiday dog toys

Frosty Dog Toy Gift Basket includes a small Hugglehounds Frosty Snowman (9″ long and 4.25″ wide), small red and black paw print blanket for wiping ice balls off of paws, and a 10″ Kyjen Tuff Candy Cane with squeaker all in a 32 oz. stainless steel red dog bowl and wrapped in holiday cellophane, tied with holiday bow and matching gift card – $35


Santa Paws

All I Want for ChristmasSanta Paws

Dear Santa:

I have been very good this year.  I have chased squirrels, but I haven’t caught one and if I did I would have let it go…promise!

Counter surfing has improved.  It’s down to a minimum…just one time last week cuz it was peanut butter and I wanted to help Mom and clean the spoon.

No potty in the house ever…unless you count puking that one time when my tummy was sick. But that’s the other end so it probably won’t count.

Oh…and I switched my backyard digging spot to the corner that no one notices…and that only happened cuz that sprinkler head double dared me!

I had nothing to do with the dead bird on the back deck.  That was the raccoon.

I’ve learned to freeze when Mom yells, “Muddy Paws!”  That makes her very happy and she says, “Good Girl!” (Please make a note of that.)

I’ve only teased my sister a few hundred times…which is really an improvement over last year.