Puppy Cam – Canine Companions for Independence Service Dogs!

Puppy Cam – Service Dogs are Born!

By: Bonnie Sweebe

Canine Companions for Independence (CCI) is my favorite non-profit organization.  It provides highly-trained assistance dogs and ongoing support that enhance the lives of children, adults and wounded veterans with disabilities other than blindness.

Meet Melba II, the 8 month old labrador/golden mix that I am raising for CCI.  As a puppy raiser, I know first hand what care is taken to train these pups to be future service dogs that are given free of charge to individuals that can demonstrate a need.  Raising Melba II is an honor and a privilege.
Canine Companions for Independence

Thanks to great sponsors like Eukanuba and support from other fine corporations and donors like you, Canine Companions for Independence can continue with their mission to breed, train and place Exceptional Dogs for Exceptional People.  If you’d like more information about CCI or would like to donate to a wonderful cause, please CLICK HERE.  Otherwise, meet our newest batch of service dogs, the E litter, born to Taya.  Enjoy the puppy cam!