Canine Companions for Independence Service Pup in Training Does BlogPaws

By Guest Blogger: Melba II

With the Help of: Bonnie Sweebe

Hi! I’m Melba, a Canine Companions for Independence service puppy in training. I’m so very excited because I just went to my first blogging conference called BlogPaws! goes to BlogPaws 2013 with Melba

What is a BlogPaws? Why did I go? I asked Mom those exact same questions.

She said BlogPaws is a HUGE pet blogging conference. “What’s a blogger?” I asked. Mom said bloggers have a very important job to do. They write about pet health, new products and issues that bring dogs and mankind together. Cool!

She said the people at BlogPaws care about pets. They recognize the good things we do to make the world a kinder gentler place. BlogPaws is a blogging and social media conference that brings all of those people together to learn, connect and have fun. I like fun, so I agreed to go.

After all, I wrote this post, so I must be a blogger, too!