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WelcomePup.com - Delivering Dog Toys & Products That Wag a Dog's Tail & Warm a Dog Owner's Heart!

Dear Fun Customer:

You care about dogs and want the best in dog toys and gifts. You’re concerned about dog toy safety and realize that a healthy pet is a happy pet. You consider dogs to be a part of the family. You purchase dogs, adopt dogs and rescue dogs. You have granddogs that you love to spoil.
Welcome Pup.com wants to meet your expectations by offering dog toys and products that will wag a tail and warm a dog owner’s heart!
Learn more about us in the section below. Then click around and enjoy the site. Tell your friends and spread the news by becoming our social buddy on Facebook and Twitter. Your comments and suggestions are always welcomed. Who knows? Your next idea could launch next year’s new gift box line!
Woofs and wags,
Bonnie Sweebe - WelcomePup.com

What does WelcomePup.com do?
WelcomePup.com offers fun, dog-loving people individual dog toys and products or gift boxes of dog toys and products thematically arranged for dogs of all ages across the U.S.A.!
Why do you offer dog gifts?
WelcomePup.com celebrates dogs as important family members. And you can’t have a celebration without fun! So we offer quality, practical yet selective dog toys, training items and travel products that the whole family will enjoy!
How does WelcomePup.com give back to the community?
WelcomePup.com believes that every pup should be a welcomed pup and that dogs and humans work better together. That’s why a portion of the proceeds from purchases help support non-profit service dog organizations.
What does WelcomePup.com offer that other pet retailers do not?
WelcomePup.com offers quality dog toys and products in arrangements not found in big box stores. What is more, there is a heartbeat at WelcomePup.com. You will see it in the website as we continually strive to give you information, inspiration and a laugh or two that reflect our love of dogs. You will feel it in the quality products we deliver. And when you send a gift box of toys to a friend or relatives’ pet, you will hear it in the "Thank You!"
Your friend or relative has a new puppy or has a dog undergoing a surgical operation. You want to show you care. You decide to send a gift to brighten their day. But hectic schedules, family priorities and life get in the way. Then before you know it, the puppy has grown, the dog has healed and you have missed the opportunity. Don’t feel disappointed. WelcomePup.com is here to help!
Your time is precious. So why drive to a big box pet retailer, select a gift, drive to another store to buy a shipping box and packaging tape, drive home and package the gift, stuff the box with newspaper and seal it, address the box, drive to the post office and buy postage to send the gift on its way? The sentence is exhausting enough! Let WelcomePup.com do it for you!
In the convenience of your home, you can select dog items at your leisure. They can be sent as is or (at your request) beautifully packaged, including a matching bow and custom gift tag. We will deliver your package to the post office for you. Convenience, quality and a gift that will make a lasting impression!
Who runs WelcomePup.com and what values was the company founded on?
WelcomePup.com is the creation of Bonnie Sweebe, inspired by her Golden Retriever, Skye. Skye sniffs out dog toys and products that are sure to wag a tail and warm a heart, approving each gift box with a high five before curling up for a nap. WelcomePup.com values product quality and dog safety. Our eco-friendly product lines are from top manufacturers. To keep aggressive chewers safe, there is a Tuff Pup Extreme gift box filled with West  Paw Design toys with Zogoflex®. These toys are practically indestructible!
From teething pups to senior dogs, WelcomePup.com works hard to make your doggie smile!