Product Review: Custom Leather Dog Collars & More

I was contacted by who offered me their product in exchange for an honest review of their custom leather permanent laser engraved dog collar. Excellent. My creative juices flowed all over my laptop!

They directed me to their site to begin my custom production and I’ve got to tell you, it was fun! Here’s the final product. Now I’ll cover the design process in more detail. leather dog collars

I decided to design a collar for the top dog at, Skye! She likes a three-quarter inch collar and her favorite color is red. They had both. Fantastic!

The sizing is as follows:

  • Small: 1/2 inch leather collar fitting a 8-14 inch neck.
  • Medium: 3/4 inch leather collar fitting a 13-20 inch neck.
  • Large: 1 inch leather collar fitting an 18-23 inch neck.
  • Extra Large: 1 1/2 inch leather collar fitting a 22-27 inch neck.

Next you select your leather color: vintage white, red or tan.

Now on to the engraving.

The collars use permanent laser engraving. There are 5 design choices available:

  1. Art Deco
  2. Dog paws and bones
  3. A feminine scroll design
  4. Skulls
  5. A western scroll design

I chose dog paws and bones for the style and entered Skye’s name. There are small dog bones that look like stitching around the edge of the collar. The dog paws are put in the letters of the name. Here’s how it turned out: leather dog collar

Each collar has a bone engraved on it. This is where you place your contact information. Now you don’t have to have a metal dog identification tag that clangs when your dog moves or wakes you up in the middle of the night when your dog changes position or scratches. Nice! (Note: You don’t have to have contact information on your custom collar. If you choose not to, no engraved bone will appear, only your dog’s name.) You have three lines to fill, each 20 characters, including spaces.

The leather is very nice:

I thought the hardware was solid as well: leather dog collars

Best of all, the price for the custom permanent laser engraved collars using one of the five designs ranges from $28 for the small to $36 for the large–the perfect price range for a gift!

I’m usually a web strapping/break-away collar kind of girl, but I really like this leather collar. It’s a totally different look and feel. Classy Skye! leather dog collars

But wait…there’s more!

They don’t just make custom dog collars. They make bag tags and key fobs…I even saw a photograph of a horse reproduced on leather customized with the horse’s name and attached to a wooden plaque to put by their horse’s stall. See what I mean? Brilliant! That’s a custom gift for Christmas!

And businesses, they do logos! Logos in leather looks awesome. Imagine what you can create!

So check out their website. Ruha – Made in the U.S.A. and if you think of other creative ways to personalize leather products, let us know!

I think you’ll enjoy customizing your new dog collar or other personalized leather products from! custom leather goods

P.S. Here is a close up of the leather business card for my new friend, Tom Rundberg. This will also give you an idea of what the tan leather looks like. Have fun creating! custom leather goods