Book Review: Ask Anna by Dean Koontz and his dog Anna

Hi! Skye from here with my friend Kimber, a Canine Companions for Independence® service puppy hopeful, reviewing our latest good read:Ask Anna by Dean Koontz

When Kimber suggested this book, it didn’t surprise me. After all, Dean Koontz (storyteller extraordinaire and bestselling author) and his dog Anna (a Canine Companions for Independence┬« release dog) wrote it–so it had to be good!

In the book Ask Anna – Advice for the Furry and Forlorn,┬áDean’s dog, Anna, is a wise canine advice-columnist. She is also a beautiful golden retriever. Dogs from around the nation write to Anna about their problems and ask her for advice. Some questions are very serious…like “Dear Anna, Lately I have been depressed.”

Ask Anna by Dean Koontz

Other questions are funny, like “Dear Anna, When I turn my ears just so, I can see the future.” One dog REALLY liked Anna, if you know what I mean. She really put him in his place in a sweet yet clever way. We snorted at that one.