Dog Eats Toys

Dog Eats Toys – Does This Sound Familiar?

“My dog eats toys. It makes me so mad. They have the cutest dog toys out there, but every time I buy my dog a toy, it pulls out the stuffing to kill the squeaker. Why do they even put squeakers in dog toys? It only tempts dogs to rip the toy open! The toy is destroyed in 10 minutes. My dog eats the polyfill and that’s not good and if it swallows a squeaker, I don’t know what I’m going to do. So I’m not buying any more dog toys. For me, dog toys are a total waste of money.”

I totally disagree. Dogs need toys to relieve frustration and to play. Frustrated dogs can become destructive dogs and can chew woodwork, eat carpet and pull stuffing out of couch cushions. Yikes!


Before that happens, buy the right toys for your dog. The cute plush toys that are perfect for a laid back dog are not perfect for a dog that is rough on their toys. Soft mouthed breeds like retrievers are notoriously hard on their toys, but the size of a dog does not matter. Small dogs can be dog toy destroyers, too.