Muddy Paws Solved–Install a Dog Shower

My Wish List: A Dog Shower/Dog Washing Station – A Must Have for Every Dog Owner!

Plop. Plink. Splash. Water cascades from the gutters. Rain stops. Clouds move. Sun reappears. Pup scratches at the door and whines. Human cringes and grabs towels.

You get the picture….

muddy dog

Mud? What mud? I didn’t see any mud.

Let’s face it. Outside of a root canal, there’s nothing more painful and aggravating than your dog tracking mud onto your kitchen floor and running through the house smearing brown all over light carpeting. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a dog shower or dog washing station built for your home?

But sigh…there’s no space in the laundry room of my current home to accomodate a dog washing station. I’m considering the garage, though. I’ll keep you posted!

Laundry Room Remodeled for the Dog

Laundry room. Mud room. Dog room. You can have them all in one easy place. Reposted from Houzz, this contractor remodeled the laundry room for a resident in Akron, Ohio whose two dogs brought in muddy paws from the creek on their property. Very well done, don’t you think?

Have you redone a room in your home to accommodate your dog? Let us know!