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CarPET Pet Hair Remover

CarPET Pet Hair Remover

CarPET Pet Hair Remover

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Got dog hair? Cat Hair? Rabbit or Horse Hair? The CarPET Pet Hair Remover lifts, gathers and removes pet hair from carpet and upholstery. Great for the car, too!

While sticky sheets are a great quick fix for clothing, removing large amounts of pet hair requires something more. It would take sheet after sheet of sticky paper from a pet hair roller to battle pet hair on a carpeted staircase. Using gentle sweeps, the CarPET's small nubs collect pet hair into piles that you simply throw away. No damage to upholstery fabric. No hard pressure needed.

CarPET works on horse hair, too. Clean saddle pads easily with the CarPET.

The CarPET is eco-friendly and can be rinsed and used again and again. Try it on your carpeted stairs, your dog's bed, your upholstered sofa and chairs and even your car.

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