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WelcomePup Essentials Gift Box

WelcomePup Essentials Gift Box

WelcomePup Essentials Gift Box

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You won't find this anywhere else! The perfect and unique new dog gift! Comes in blue and pink.

Included in this gift box are items new and old dog owners don't know they need until they see them. Here's why!

The Pet Tag Silencer: Oh those horrible identification tag rings that break nails and are hard to switch from collar to collar. And what about tags that jingle? It’s not a problem unless you’re trying to get some sleep. Save your nails and stop the jingle jangle with Freeze Tag, the pet tag silencer.

Other pet tag silencers put tags in small bags that Velcro to the collar. If you have more than one pet and they like to play and tumble, you’ve experienced the bags being ripped by the other pet during play. Not with this silencer. Simply lift the tab, unscrew the nut and insert up to 4 pet tags. Pet tags can be splayed for easy reading. Switching from collar to collar is a breeze with Freeze Tag.

The CarPet Pet Hair Remover: Run this orange block of rubberized nubbies over your carpeted stairs and see how much hair you've missed. Great for large jobs like the car, the furniture, throw rugs, etc. Simply rub across, gather and throw the hair away. Doesn't harm fabric.

AutoPupCup: You're in the car. You have bottled water. You pour it into your collapsible bowl. The dog takes two sips and is done. Now what do you do? Usually throw the water away, especially if you're driving and it's time to move on. Don't waste water. The AutoPupCup holds 14 oz. of water and fits in your vehicles cup holder. Simply squeeze the bottle and the water surfaces into the reservoir. Your dog drinks and when it's done you just quit squeezing. The water returns into the bottle. No mess. No hassle. No waste. Food safe. BPA free. You can squeeze and operate with one hand. NOTE: If storing a water-filled AutoPupCup loosely in a backpack or purse, put AutoPupCup in a plastic bag as any pressure on the soft squeeze bottle will cause water to surface into the reservoir and may wet your item.


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