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The first one-handed hydration system for dogs!

The AutoPupCup holds 14 oz. of water and conveniently fits in your vehicle's cup holder. Use one hand to squeeze water from the mug into the cup reservoir. Hold the squeeze and water the pup. When the dog is finished, release your grip. The water funnels back inside the mug. No mess!

  • Holds 14 oz. of water
  • Fits in your vehicles cup holder
  • Squeeze and operate with one hand
  • Remaining water drains from the cup back into the mug
  • Food safe
  • BPA free
  • NOTE: Do not store a water-filled AutoPupCup in a backpack or purse unless it is sealed in a plastic bag. Outside pressure on the backpack or purse can accidentally squeeze the device and release water into the dispenser cup.

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